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Tim Hortons Volunteers of the Week

May 4, 2017

Kayle P: St. John Ambulance

St. John Ambulance would like to nominate Kayle P for volunteer of the week.  Kayle joined the Medical First Responder (MFR) team after taking her EMR in 2016.  Kayle is very confident with her skills and is great at giving other volunteers a hand.  Kayle helps out when needed, thanks for everything that you do!  




May 3, 2017

Christie Spronk: Nominated by Sheri MacMillan

Sheri MacMillan nominates Christie Spronk for Volunteer of the Week.  Christie has been an active participant of the Parent Council at Harry Balfour School for many years.  Recently she was part of the team that provided feedback on the new Whispering Ridge Community School, this lead Christie too working with the new principal.  She has also started to work on the new school’s Parent Council and fundraising for the playground.  Christie has already devoted many hours to funding the playground effort she has organized bottle drives, a dinner / date night out and movie afternoon events, as well as writing/applying for grants. Christie has represented both schools at the Alberta School Council AGM’s and is very involved in our province’s education system.  Her current goal is to have the playground ready when the new school opens so the children can enjoy their breaks!!

May 2, 2017

Sharon Lejeune: Grande Prairie Council for Lifelong Learning

The Grande Prairie Council for Lifelong Learning would like to nominate Sharon Lejeune. Sharon has been helping our Beginner EAL (English as an Additional Language) Instructor in the classroom. She teaches some of our beginner students who require extra guidance with reading, writing, speaking and listening. We appreciate and value Sharon’s expertise and commitment to our students! Thank you for your support! 


May 1, 2017

Zander Strong: HIV North

HIV North would like to nominate Zander Strong as their Volunteer of the Week!  Zander is a dedicated and compassionate volunteer whose bubbling personality is always a delight at Youth Group.  They work and volunteer with three local youth agencies in the community, and are instrumental in the smooth flow of our Youth Program.  They have volunteered with the youth program for about 1 year, rarely miss a session, and are ready and eager to help with any other program events.  Zander is truly a shining star, and we are grateful for them and all that they do.  Zander, we want to recognize your hard work and enormous heart.  Thank you from all of us here at HIV North, staff and youth.

April 27, 2017

Janet Plante: Alberta Supports

Alberta Supports nominates Janet Plante, for her commitment to the Volunteer Income Tax Program.  Janet joined the program, this tax year, and has been invaluable to the Albertans who have required these services. Currently, she is the only active volunteer who is completing taxes, at a very busy time for the program, and her dedication is so very much appreciated. We couldn’t offer the program, currently, without her.




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