Tim Hortons Volunteer of the Month

Tim Hortons Volunteer of the Month

The winner of June’s Volunteer of the Month draw is Erika Smith, who was nominated for Volunteers of the Week by Frontier College.

Here is a look back at what they had to say about their volunteer: 

‘Erika's years of volunteer experience, both within Canada and abroad, demonstrates her dedication to giving back.  As a Frontier College reading tutor, Erika developed a meaningful and effective connection with her learner.  We are so grateful for the time she spent with us and the effort she put in to being a wonderful, reliable, encouraging volunteer this year!’

Congratulations Erika!

Volunteer of the Month winners are awarded a $100 Gift Card from Tim Hortons!

The staff and board of the GPVSB would like to thank our sponsor Tim Hortons for helping us fuel the volunteers of Grande Prairie and surrounding area.


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