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The Finishing Touch Grad Society

Assisting financially underprivileged high school graduating students attend their ceremonies with pride.

Michelle Wudkevich Finishing Touch Grad Society President One of the biggest accomplishments many of us experiences in life is completing high school, this moment is celebrated with a Graduation Ceremony and of course Prom. Celebrating and preparing for Grad has become an  integral part of senior high school life and has become an extravagant and increasingly expensive moment that is a must attend for a majority of students. 

Sadly some graduating students are unable to afford the formal wear required for these events. Luckily for these young adults in Grande Prairie and surrounding area the Non-profit organization The Finishing Touch Grad Society is here to help.  Formed in 2009 the Society’s mission is to assist high school graduating students, who have earned their diploma, with obtaining the necessary formal attire and accessories too attend their grad ceremonies with pride.  According to Finishing Touch Grad Society President Michelle Wudkevich, “Grad and prom is a once in a lifetime event and these kids deserve to feel proud about their accomplishment and celebrate it with their peers, not feel bad and stay home because they can’t rent a tux or buy a $3000 grad dress, so we help them look their best.” The volunteer run group help males and females dress the part completely free of charge, “we have a large selection of grad dresses, from size 0 to 30, all  donated and look brands new”, states Wudkevich.  The Society has volunteers that specialize in alterations and along with Richmond and Crouse’s Cleaners, who volunteer their dry-cleaning services, to keep the collection in mint condition.  They are also assisted by Maximum Storage, who provides a safe place to keep the items, various salons in the community who offer free hair and makeup services to the girls and for the guys Milano for Men and Manhandler’s Barbershop help prepare them for the big day.

Finishing Touch Grad Society hopes to increase awareness in the community of their services, they are   always in need of volunteers and donations. They are in constant contact with the area high schools and attend the parents-grads meetings to let students and parents know that they are there to help if needed. Volunteer’s work tirelessly throughout the grad season in some cases right up to the day before a graduation ceremony, but their most fulfilling day is their annual Boutique Day, held in March.  On this day volunteers set up a store front with up to four dressing rooms and let the soon to be graduates shop and try on outfits and accessories to find the perfect look for their big day. Up to forty volunteers help during this all day event, so the society uses this day to celebrate the work they’ve done to help these kids and families. Wudkevich sums up the Society’s effort by saying “It’s really an amazing experience helping these deserving kids.  That moment when you help a young lady find her dream grad dress that she never thought she’d get to wear, because of the cost, is so rewarding and emotional, it’s kind of hard to explain.”

For more information about the Finishing Touch Grad Society and to help with their volunteer or donation needs please contact their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/The-Finishing-Touch-Grad-Society-148823538486527/?fref=tsspotlight

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