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Edghill Gerrick Nominated by Amanda Hickok

Gerrick CIAOn a wet and cold September evening the GP Raiders, of the Peace Country Bantam Football League (PCBFL), run drills to warm-up before they start practice at the Alexzander Forbes School football field.  Volunteer Coach Edghill Gerrick, this month’s ‘Caught in the Act’, helps arriving players with their gear and took some time to talk with the GPVSB about his volunteer work.

Gerrick, a lifelong football fan, started playing the sport in high school and the game has been an active part of his life as both a player or volunteer ever since.  Helping with his son’s Atom Football team (ages 7 to 10) coaches there asked if was interested in coaching a team in the Bantam league (ages 12 to 15).  Inspired by the dedication of his son’s coach and others who volunteer within both leagues, Edghill accepted.  Coaching the Raiders for a year now it is evident that Gerrick loves football and wants to share his passion for the game with younger generations.  Fairly new to being a coach he hopes he can portray what the game is really about to his team, commitment, teamwork and fair play.  He is surprised at how talented these kids are at such a young age.  “It’s wicked to see the development at this age, you show them something or make a suggestion and they adapt their game instantly” enthuses Gerrick.  He really enjoys watching the kids succeed playing the game and having as much fun has he does coaching them, and knowing that he is helping the kids in the community is an added benefit.

Gerrick & the GP Raiders

The league continues to grow as more kids wish to play, originally starting with two teams the organization now has seven teams. The league has three teams from Grande Prairie, the Raiders, Broncos, and Norsemen and 4 teams from the Peace Country, the Wembley Bulldogs, Sexsmith Shamrock, Peace River Prospectors and the recently added High Prairie Outlaws.  Gerrick stresses the importance of volunteers to the PCBFL and to the teams, “without them there would be extracurricular sports, these kids would have to wait till high school to play football like this.”  He encourages others if they love the sport and have something to offer to “just do it, you won’t regret it.”  When asked if he had any final thoughts or anything he would like to add Gerrick summed up the interview with two words “Go Raiders!”

The Grande Prairie Volunteer Services Bureau would like to thank Edghill Gerrick for being ‘Caught in the Act’ of volunteering and for helping his community by sharing his love of football with younger generations.  For more information on the Peace Country Bantam Football League go to www.pcbfl.ca.


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