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Tim Hortons Volunteers of the Week

Volunteers of the Week - Joanne HotteJune 26, 2019

Joanne Hotte - Beaverlodge 4H Beef Club

Beaverlodge 4H Beef Club nominates Joanne Hotte for Volunteers of the Week! They wrote ‘Joanne Hotte has been a part of 4H for many years she is familiar with every aspect of how the club works and helps endlessly making our west county achievement day run smoothly. Joanne is a familiar face in our community helping and donating too many things. You can always count on her having a smile on her face and always takes time for a hello. We are so lucky and thankful to have someone as awesome as Joanne helping with our west county 4H program!’


Volunteers of the Week - Maddie BarryJune 25, 2019

Maddie Barry - Suicide Prevention Resource Centre

Suicide Prevention Resource Centre nominates Maddie Barry for Volunteers of the Week! They wrote ‘An amazing youth, Maddie Barry, spent her birthday raising money for the Suicide Prevention Resource Centre. Maddie held a bake sale at her school, Whispering Ridge, on Friday June 14th. All the proceeds raised went to SPRC. When asked why she chose to hold the bake sale Maddie said that she wanted to spend her birthday raising money and helping to save lives. She said that most people want a present for their birthday but this was her present. Thank you Maddie!’


Volunteers of the Week - Madison DugrayJune 24, 2019

Madison Dugray - Grande Prairie Volunteer Services Bureau

GPVSB nominates Madison Dugray for Volunteers of the Week! Madison recently volunteered for the United Way Tough Enough Fire Truck Pull and was an incredible and dedicated volunteer. She took time to fully engage with the youth at the event and we couldn't have done it without her. We are so pleased to have had her help!


Volunteers of the Week - Kristy WilliamsJune 18, 2019

Kristy Williams - Saskatoon Mountain 4H Multi Club

Saskatoon Mountain 4H Multi Club nominates Kristy Williams for Volunteers of the Week! They wrote ‘Kristy took on the role of General Leader for the Saskatoon Mountain 4H Multi Club 2 years ago which was a steep learning curve as she was relatively new to the 4H Community.  She put in many volunteer hours ensuring that things ran smoothly for all the members and families and she encouraged all members to get involved and volunteer at a community level.  Kristy was a project leader for Cooking before becoming a general leader and she gives willingly of her time to help oversee community events at the Saskatoon Lake Hall for the enrichment of everyone.  We appreciate all that she does to ensure that our members enjoy their 4H experience and thank her for her commitment to supporting many opportunities for this community.’

Volunteers of the Week - Gayle MartinJune 19, 2019

Gayle Martin - Saskatoon Mountain 4H Multi Club

Saskatoon Mountain 4H Multi Club nominates Gayle Martin for Volunteers of the Week! They wrote ‘Gayle has been an integral member of our 4H club for the past 5 years.  She has volunteered at the District Level taking on a Key Leader position and has been an invaluable resource for all our leaders and families.  Gayle does her best to make sure that all of our sponsors, supporters and voters know how much their contributions are appreciated by our members and she takes it upon herself to create amazing invitations and thank you notes and yummy treats for our members to give out as gifts of thanks to our sponsors.  Gayle is very giving of her time in support of 4H in our club and at the district level and we appreciate all her efforts and amazing talents very much.’


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